E. turneri

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“Turner’s Cycad

Encephalartos turneri is a species of cycad that is native to Mozambique and named after cycad enthusiast, Ian Turner in 1985. It is extremely rare in domestic gardens. It is a medium-sized cycad with trunks up to 4 metres. Leaves are 2 metres long and glossy green. Both male and female cones are yellow.

This species grows in a climate that is hot and dry. E. turneri grows on hills in grasslands and fragmented woods (primarily in the sun, but some are semi-protected). The soil is rocky and dry, plants can be found in rocky outcroppings and boulders. This species is fairly plentiful and is showing no signs of going extinct. This can be partially attributed to the remote locality and difficulty in accessing this plant in habitat.


semi-shade dark green low watering average growth frost-sensitive rare
semi-shade dark green low watering average growth frost-sensitive rare

Encephalartos turneri can produce basal suckers, but does not make large clusters. In coastal in inland areas, this species does well in both full and partial sun. This species does require a soil that drains well.”

Source / credit: https://africacycads.com/cycads.php

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