E. manikensis

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“Gorongo Cycad

Encephalartos manikensis (Gorongo Cycad, Gorongowe Cycad) is a species of cycad that is native to Mozambique and Zimbabwe.This Central African cycad is medium sized with green leaves and a trunk height of one to two meters. Discovered in 1937 and described in 1938 by South African botanist Hamish Boyd Gilliland as a variety of the Kenyan species E. gratus, and raised by the same author to the status of species the year after.

There is variation is the appearance of the leaves and leaflets, leading to the thinking that there are actually many species in native habitat areas. Taxonomists have concluded that all these different species or varieties are part of what is known as the Manikensis Alliance. As a group, all are green, fast growing and never get huge.

Typical leaf length is about two meters. Stems can reach heights of two to three meters, though this would take a very long time. Stems tend to be solitary, but some plants produce basal suckers sparingly.


semi-shade dark green medium watering fast growth frost-sensitive common
semi-shade dark green medium watering fast growth frost-sensitive common

These plants do need some space. They have long leaves and stout trunks. Though they do not get very tall, they are showy enough that they can make a statement all on their own. They are well-suited to coastal sun, and partial inland sun. In desert areas, this plant requires shade or filtered light. They do better in soil that drains well, but are fairly water-tolerant.

They look great in tropical and water-wise gardens alike.”

Source / credit: https://africacycads.com/cycads.php

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